Phase I – Exploration.
2008 – Work begins on the Skywheel Project.
2009 – First meetings with aerospace engineers are held. Website is launched. First text submissions are received. Space For Vision Projects is founded. First public dialogues and fundraising events are held. Team Members attend the Parliament of the World's Religions in Melbourne, Australia. Work begins on inviting spiritual and cultural leaders to represent their communities in the project.
2010 – Space For Vision receives 501c3 tax exempt status.  Preliminary designs for the Skywheel satellite are approved by Microcosm Inc. engineers. Skywheel college internship program is launched.

Phase II – Design and Outreach.
2010 – Fundraising begins for design and engineering studies, and the fabrication of a presentation model. Cultural outreach components of the project are expanded. Song of the Sky, the first art performance is held.
2011 – First Skywheel drawings and diagrams exhibited. Work begins on designs for a Skywheel exhibition.
2012 – First series of work is created for the Skywheel exhibition, work on model and video begins.

Phase III – Exhibition
2013 -- Presentation model and video are completed.
2013 – 2017 Exhibition of the model, artwork and documentary materials at public venues around the world.

Phase IV – Construction and Dedication
2014 (projected goal) -- Construction of the Skywheel satellite (and its Earthbound companion) begins. Text submissions are finalized.
2016 (projected goal) -- Construction of satellite is completed. Satellite is dedicated in a series of events.

Phase V – Launch and Post-Launch
2017 (projected goal) – Launch of satellite into 1,000 kilometer orbit around the Earth. Creation of satellite tracking system for website, permanent display of companion satellite at a public venue, interactive satellite phone app, and educational materials for classroom activities.