The Skywheel Project is researching sacred
symbols from around the world for use on the Skywheel Satellite and in accompanying artwork. You are invited to submit symbols that are meaningful in your tradition or spiritual practice.

We are looking for visual symbols that connect people to their sense of the sacred; connects them to their highest selves and to that which is greater than one’s self. The symbols can be from any time-period, historical or contemporary, and any spiritual or cultural tradition.

Submit sacred symbols by emailing them to Please include an attached jpg. or pdf. file of the symbol itself, jitself, the name of a short description of the symbol, and the following information, if known: origin (when and where did it come into use, and in what culture or spiritual group), meaning (how does this visual image connect with the sacred), tradition (how is it used), and personal connection (why did you choose this). If the image you are using is copyrighted, please let us know. If you do not know all of this information, you can still submit a symbol to the project, and we will do our best to research this information.

All submissions will be reviewed and considered. Once collected, the symbols will be reviewed by the Skywheel Spiritual Representatives Council before final inclusion. This council of spiritual leaders and scholars will assure that the symbols we include properly represents the world's spiritual traditions and are respectful to all.

We appreciate you taking the time to share with us your connection to the sacred.