The Skywheel will be a light, compact cylindrical satellite with a highly reflective metallic exterior, engraved with text and symbols. Inside, will be a vacuumized glass tube, containing a number of tiny spools, concentric with the axis of rotation. Wound around these spools will be thousands of blessings from people around the world. The vaccuumized tube will envelop and protect this text, to help prevent degredation and ensure its continued function of symbolically blessing the Earth over its lifespan of 1,000 years.

The Skywheel will be launched by rocket as a secondary payload, allowing it to travel
with another space mission, and minimizing environmental impact and cost. It will disengage from the rocket at a low altitude and itself become a spaceship, using small booster engines to increase its altitude to 1,000 kilometers above the Earth. The Skywheel will then establish a sun synchronous orbit, allowing it to travel in a regular cycle, passing directly over every location on our planet. The satellite will spin slowly clockwise as it revolves around the planet, sending out its blessings as it spins.

On Earth, in areas of low light pollution, the Skywheel will be visible with the naked eye or a low powered telescope. A tracking device on the Skywheel website will allow you to follow the satellite's orbit. A phone app will also be produced that can track the satellite and send a content from it when the satellite is overhead.